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Списки лучших книжек - - The Recommended Fantasy Authors List

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The Recommended Fantasy Authors List - ver. 2.4 (8/8/97)

The Recommended Fantasy Authors List. Original is at http://r8h.cs.man.ac.uk:8000/eddings/AltAuth.html http://www.sff.net/people/Amy.Sheldon/listcont.htm
Peter Ackroyd (b. 1949)

First Light


The House of Doctor Dee

Lloyd Alexander (b. 1924)

"Prydain Chronicles" - The Book of Three; The Black

Cauldron; The Castle of Llyr; Taran Wanderer; The High


"Westmark Trilogy" - Westmark; The Kestrel; The Beggar


"Vesper Holly series" - The Illyrian Adventure; The El

Dorado Adventure; The Drackenberg Adventure; The Jhe Ja

Adventure; The Philadelphia Adventure

Poul Anderson (b. 1926)

The Broken Sword

Three Hearts and Three Lions

Hrolf Kraki's Saga

The Merman's Children

"The King of Ys" - Roma Mater; Gallicenae; Dahut; The Dog

and the Wolf

"The Last Viking Trilogy" - The Golden Horn; The Road of

the Sea Horse; The Sign of the Raven

*Piers Anthony (b. 1934)

"Kelvin of Rud" - Dragon's Gold; Serpent's Silver;

Chimaera's Copper; Orc's Opal; Mouvar's Magic

"Xanth" - A Spell for Chameleon; The Source of Magic;

Castle Roogna; etc. etc. etc.

"Apprentice Adept" - Split Infinity; The Blue Adept;


"Incarnations of Immortality" - On a Pale Horse; Bearing an

Hourglass; With a Tangled Skein; Wielding a Red Sword;

Being a Green Mother; Fr; Fove of Evil; And Eternity

*Robert Asprin (b. 1946)

"Myth series" - Another Fine Myth; Myth Conceptions; Myth

Directions; Hit or Myth; Myth-ing Persons; Little Myth

Marker; M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link; Myth-nomers and

Impervections; M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action; Sweet Myth-tery

of Life; Something M.Y.T.H. Inc. (forthcoming someday,

but don't expect it any time soon)

"Thieves World" - Thieves World; Tales From the Vulgar

Unicorn; Shadows of Sanctuary; Storm Season; The Face

of Chaos; Wings of Omen; many others

A.A. Attanasio (b. 1951)

"Arthurian Cycle" - The Dragon and the Unicorn; Arthor; The

Eagle and the Sword (forthcoming June '97)

Kingdom of the Grail

Hunting the Ghost Dancer

Robin Wayne Bailey (b. 1952)

"Frost Trilogy" - Frost; Skull Gate; Bloodsongs

"Brothers of the Dragon" - Brothers of the Dragon; Flames

of the Dragon; Triumph of the Dragon


Clive Barker (b. 1952)

"The Books of the Art" - The Great and Secret Show;



The Thief of Always

Gael Baudino (b. 1955)

Gossamer Axe

"Dragonsword series" - Dragonsword; Duel of Dragons; Dragon


"The Natil series" - Strands of Starlight; Maze of

Moonlight; Shroud of Shadow; Strands of Sunlight

"The Water! trilogy" - O Greenest Branch; The Dove Looked

In; Branch and Crown (forthcoming Aug. '96)

L. Frank Baum (1856-1919)

"Oz" - The Wizard of Oz; The Land of Oz; Ozma of Oz;

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz; and so on

Peter S. Beagle (b. 1939)

A Fine and Private Place

The Last Unicorn

The Folk of the Air

The Innkeeper's Song

The Unicorn Sonata (forthcoming Oct. '96)

Greg Bear (b. 1951)

"Songs of Earth and Power" - The Infinity Concerto; The

Serpent Mage

John Bellairs (1938-1991)

The Face in the Frost

James Blish (1921-1975)

"After Such Knowledge" - Doctor Mirabilis; Black Easter;

The Day After Judgement; A Case of Conscience

Elizabeth Boyer

"The World of the Alfar series" - The Elves and the

Otterskin; The Sword and the Satchel; The Wizard and the

Warlord; The Thrall and the Dragon's Heart

"Wizard's War" - The Troll's Grindstone; The Curse of

Slagfid; The Dragon's Carbuncle; Lord of Chaos

"Clan of the Warlord series" - The Clan of the Warlord; The

Black Lynx

Keeper of Cats

Ray Bradbury (b. 1920)

Something Wicked This Way Comes

*Marion Zimmer Bradley (b. 1930)

"Avalon books" - The Mists of Avalon; The Forest House; The

Lady of Avalon (co-author Diana Paxson, forthcoming)

The Firebrand

"Witchlight series" - Ghostlight; Witchlight; Heartlight

(forthcoming); Gravelight (forthcoming)

"Darkover series" - Stormqueen; Hawkmistress; The Forbidden

Tower; The Heirs of Hammerfell; many many others

Mayer Alan Brenner (b. 1956)

"Dance of the Gods" - Catastrophe's Spell; Spell of

Intrigue; Spell of Fate; Spell of Apocalypse

David Brin (b. 1950)

The Practice Effect

C. Dale Brittain (b. 1948)

"Tales of Daimbert" - A Bad Spell in Yurt; The Wood Nymph

and the Cranky Saint; Mage Quest; The Witch and the

Cathedral; Daughter of Magic


**Terry Brooks (b. 1944)

"Shannara" - Sword of Shannara; Elfstones of Shannara;

Wishsong of Shannara

"Heritage of Shannara" - Scions of Shannara; Druid of

Shannara; Elf Queen of Shannara; Talismans of Shannara

"Yet Another Shannara Book" - First King of Shannara

"Kingdom of Landover" - Magic Kingdom For Sale-Sold; The

Black Unicorn; Wizard At Large; The Tangle Box; Witches


*Steven Brust (b. 1955)

"Vlad Taltos series" - Jhereg; Yendi; Teckla; Taltos;

Phoenix; Athyra; Orca; Dragon (won't be appearing for

quite some time)

"Khaavren Romances" - The Phoenix Guards; Five Hundred

Years After; The Paths of the Dead (coming sometime in

1997); The Enchantress of Dzur Mountain (forthcoming);

The Lord of Castle Black (forthcoming)

Brokedown Palace


The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars

Freedom and Necessity (co-author Emma Bull, forthcoming

Feb '97)

Lois McMaster Bujold (b. 1949)

The Spirit Ring

Emma Bull (b. 1954)

The War For the Oaks


Silver or Gold

Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950)

"Barsoom series" - A Princess of Mars; The Gods of Mars;

The Warlord of Mars; Thuvia, Maid of Mars; The Chessman

of Mars; The Master Mind of Mars; and so much more

Octavia Butler (b. 1947)

Wild Seed

A.S. Byatt (b. 1936)


James Branch Cabell (1879-1958)

"Biography of the Life of Manuel" - Beyond Life; Figures of

Earth; The Silver Stallion; The Music From Behind the

Moon; The White Robe; The Way of Ecben; The Soul of

Melicent; Chivalry; Jurgen; The Line of Love; The High

Place; Gallantry; Something About Eve; The Certain Hour;

The Cords of Vanity; From the Hidden Way; The Jewel

Merchants; The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck; The Eagle's

Shadow; The Cream of the Jest; The Lineage of Lichfield;

Straws and Prayer-Books

Orson Scott Card (b. 1951)

Hart's Hope

"Alvin Maker" - Seventh Son; Red Prophet; Prentice Alvin;

Alvin Journeyman

Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

"The Alice Duology" - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland;

Through the Looking Glass

Angela Carter (1940-1992)

The Magic Toyshop

The Bloody Chamber

Jack Chalker (b. 1944)

And the Devil Will Drag You Under

Joy Chant (b. 1945)

"The World of Vandarei" - Red Moon and Black Mountain; The

Grey Mane of Morning; When Voiha Wakes

The High Kings

C.J. Cherryh (b. 1942)

"Morgaine" - Gate of Ivrel; Well of Shiun; Fires of

Azeroth; Exile's Gate

"Arafel's Saga" - The Dreamstone; The Tree of Swords and


"Russian series" - Rusalka; Chernevog; Yvgenie

The Paladin

The Goblin Mirror


Fortress in the Eye of Time

Molly Cochran & Warren Murphy (b. 1933)

The Forever King

World Without End

Adrian Cole (b. 1949)

"The Omaran Saga" - A Place Among the Fallen; Throne of

Fools; The King of Lightight Shadows; The Gods in Anger

Glen Cook (b. 1944)

"The Chronicles of the Black Company" - The Black Company;

Shadows Linger; The White Rose

The Silver Spike

"Book of the South" - Shadow Games; Dreams of Steel

"The Glittering Stone Trilogy" - Bleak Seasons; She Is The

Darkness (forthcoming)

"Garrett, P.I. series" - Sweet Silver Blues; Bitter Gold

Hearts; Cold Copper Tears; Old Tin Sorrows; Dread Brass

Shadows; Red Iron Nights; Deadly Quicksilver Lies; Petty

Pewter Gods

"The Dread Empire series" - A Shadow of All Night Falling;

October's Baby; All Darkness Met; The Fire in His Hands;

With Mercy Toward None; Reap the East Wind; An Ill Fate


Hugh Cook (b. 1956)

"Chronicles of an Age of Darkness" - The Wizards and the

Warriors; The Wordsmiths and Warguild; The Woman and the

Warlords; The Walrus and the Warwolf; The Wicked and the

Witless; The Wishstone and the Wonderworkers; The Wazir

and the Witch; The Werewolf and the Wormlord; The

Worshippers and Way; The Witchlord and the Weaponmaster

Rick Cook (b. 1944)

"The Wizardry series" - Wizard's Bane; The Wizardry

Compiled; The Wizardry Cursed; The Wizardry Consulted;

The Wizardry Quested

Louise Cooper (b. 1952)

"Time Master Trilogy" - Initiate; Outcast; Master

"Chaos Gate Trilogy" - The Pretender; The Deceiver; The


"Indigo series" - Nemesis; Inferno; Infanta; Nocturne;

Troika; Avatar; Revenant; Aisling

"Star Shadow trilogy" - Star Ascendant; Eclipse

(forthcoming mid '96); Moonset (forthcoming)

*Susan Cooper (b. 1935)

"The Dark is Rising" - Over Sea and Under Stone; The Dark

is Rising; Greenwitch; The Grey King; Silver on the Tree

Roberta Cray (b. 1944)

The Sword and the Lion


Brian Daley (1947-1996)

"Coramonde" - The Doomfarers of Coramonde; The

Starfollowers of Coramonde

A Tapestry of Magics

Pamela Dean (b. 1953)

"The Secret Country" - The Secret Country; The Hidden Land;

The Whim of the Dragon

The Dubious Hills


L. Sprague de Camp (b. 1907)

"The Reluctant King" - Goblin Tower; The Clocks of Iraz;

The Unbeheaded King; The Honorable Barbarian

The Complete Compleat Enchanter (co-author Fletcher


The Exotic Enchanter (co-author Christopher Stasheff)

John DeChancie (b. 1946)

"Castle Perilous sequence" - Castle Perilous; Castle for

Rent; Castle Kidnapped; Castle War; Castle Murders;

Castle Dreams; Castle Spellbound; Bride of the Castle


Tom Deitz (b. 1952)

The Gryphon King

"David Sullivan series" - Windmaster's Bane; Fireshaper's

Doom; Darkthunder's Way; Sunshaker's War; Stoneskin's

Revenge; Ghostcountry's Wrath; Dreamseeker's Road

"The Soulsmith Trilogy" - Soulsmith; Dreamweaver;


Above the Lower Sky

Demons in the Green

Charles de Lint (b. 1951)

"Jack of Kinrowen" - Jack the Giant Killer; Drink Down the

Moon (Omnibus edition with JoK title available from Tor)

"Newford series" - Our Lady of the Harbor; Paperjack; The

Wishing Well; Memory and Dream

Dreams Underfoot; The Ivory and the Horn


     The Little Country

     Trader (forthcoming Jan '97) Susan Dexter (b. 1955)

     "Winter King's War" - Ring of Allaire; The Sword Of

     Calandra; The Mountains of Channadran

     _Her first work. Out of print, but seems to be

     fairly easy to find._

     "The Warhorse of Esdragon" - The Prince of Ill-Luck; The

     Wind Witch; The True Knight

     The Wizard's Shadow Gordon Dickson (b. 1923)

     "The Dragon and the George" - The Dragon and the George;

     Dragon Knight; The Dragon on the Border; The Dragon at

     War; The Dragon, the Earl, and the Troll; The Dragon and

     the Djinn **Stephen Donaldson (b. 1947)

     "Thomas Covenant - First Chronicles" - Lord Foul's Bane;

     The Illearth War; The Power That Preserves

     "Thomas Covenant - Second Chronicles" - The Wounded Land;

     The One Tree; White Gold Wielder

     "Thomas Covenant - Third Chronicles" - ?? (forthcoming)

     "Mordant's Need" - The Mirror of Her Dreams; A Man Rides

     Through Ann Downer (b. 1960)

     "The Spellkey Trilogy" - The Spellkey; The Glass

     Salamander; The Books of the Keepers David Drake (b. 1945)

     "World of Crystal Walls" - The Sea Hag

     Dragon Lord

     The Undesired Princess and The Enchanted Bunny Diane Duane (b. 1952)

     "The Tales of the Five tetralogy" - The Door Into Fire; The

     Door Into Shadow; The Door Into Sunset; The Door Into

     Starlight (forthcoming)

     "Young Wizards series" - So You Want To Be a Wizard?; Deep

     Wizardry; High Wizardry; A Wizard Abroad (U.S. edition

     due out in '97) *Dave Duncan (b. 1933)

     "Seventh Sword" - The Reluctant Swordsman; The Coming of

     Wisdom; The Destiny of the Sword

     "A Man of His Word" - The Magic Casement; Faery Lands

     Forlorn; Perilous Seas; Emperor and Clown

     "A Handful of Men" - The Cutting Edge; Upland Outlaws; The

     cken Field; The Living God

     "Omar the Storyteller" - The Reaver's Road; The Hunter's


     The Cursed

     "The Great Game" - Past Imperative; Present Tense

     (forthcoming Nov '96); Future Indefinite (forthcoming) Lord Dunsany (1879-1957)

     The King of Elfland's Daughter

     **David Eddings (b. 1931)

     "The Belgariad" - Pawn of Prophecy; Queen of Sorcery;

     Magician's Gambit; Castle of Wizardry; Enchanter's End

     Game "The Malloreon" - Guardians of the West; King of the

     Murgos; The Demon Lord of Karanda; The Sorceress of

     Darshiva; The Seeress of Kell

     "The Prequels" - Belgarath the Sorcerer; Polgara the

     Sorceress (forthcoming Spring 1997)

     "The Elenium" - The Diamond Throne; The Ruby Knight; The

     Sapphire Rose

     "The Tamuli" - Domes of Fire; The Shining Ones; The Hidden

     City E.R. Eddison (1882-1945)

     The Worm Ouroboros

     "The Zimiamvian Trilogy" - The Mezentian Gate; A Fish

     Dinner in Memison; Mistress of Mistresses Teresa Edgerton (b. 1949)

     "The Green Lion Trilogy" - Child of Saturn; The Moon in

     Hiding; The Work of the Sun

     "Kingdom of Celydonn trilogy" - The Castle of the Silver

     Wheel; The Grail and the Ring; The Moon and the Thorn Goblin Moon; The Gnome's Engine Phyllis Eisenstein (b. 1946)

     "Cray the Sorcerer" - Sorcerer's Son; The Crystal Palace

     "Tales of Alaric the Minstrel" - Born to Exile; In the Red

     Lord's Reach Ru Emerson (b. 1944)

     The Princess of Flames

     The Sword and the Lion Michael Ende (1929-1995)

     The Neverending Story

     _Don't judge it by the movies, please, says the

Jane Fancher (b. 1952)

     "Dance of the Rings" - Ring of Power; Ring of Intrigue

     (forthcoming Feb. '97)

     **Raymond Feist (b. 1945)

     "Riftwar Saga" - Magician: Apprentice; Magician: Master;

     Silverthorn; A Darkness at Sethanon

     "Midkemia series" - Prince of the Blood; The King's


     "The Serpentwar Saga" - Shadow of a Dark Queen; Rise of a

     Merchant Prince; Rage of a Demon King (forthcoming April

     '97); The Honor of a Bastard Knight (forthcoming '98)

     Faerie Tale Raymond Feist (b. 1945) and Janny Wurts (b. 1953)

     "Daughter of the Empire trilogy" - Daughter of the Empire;

     Servant of the Empire; Mistress of the Empire Alan Dean Foster (b. 1946)

     "Spellsinger" - Spellsinger; The Hour of the Gate C.S. Friedman (b. 1955)

     "The Coldfire Trilogy" - Black Sun Rising; When True Night

     Falls; Crown of Shadows Maggie Furey

     "The Artifacts of Power" - Aurian; Harp of Winds; The Sword

     of Flame; Dhiamarra (forthcoming Nov. '96 in U.K.) Craig Shaw Gardner (b. 1949)

     "The Cineverse Cycle" - Slaves of the Volcano God; Bride of

     the Slime Monster; The Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies

     "Ebenezum/Wuntvor series" - A Malady of Magicks; A

     Multitude of Monsters; A Night in the Netherhells; A

     Difficulty with Dwarves; An Excess of Enchantments; A

     Disagreement with Death

     "Arabian Nights" - The Other Sinbad; The Last Arabian


     "The Dragon Circle" - Dragon Sleeping; Dragon Waking;

     Dragon Burning (forthcoming) Alan Garner (b. 1934)

     "Alderley stories" - The Weirdstone of Brisingamen; The

     Moon of Gomrath


     The Owl Service Randall Garrett (1927-1987)

     "Lord Darcy" - Murder and Magic; Too Many Magicians; Lord

     Darcy Investigates Randall Garrett and Vicky Heydron (b. 1945)

     "The Gandalara Cycle" - The Steel of Raithskar; The Glass

     of Dyskornis; The Bronze of Eddarta; The Well of

     Darkness; The Search for Ka; Return to Eddarta; The

     River Wall *David Gemmell (b. 1948)

     "The Drenai" - Legend; King Beyond the Gate; Quest For Lost

     Heroes; Waylander; Waylander II; The First Chronicles of

     Druss the Legend; Second Chronicles of Druss the Legend;

     The Legend of Deathwalker

     "The Lion of Macedon" - Lion of Macedon; Dark Prince

     _Fantasy version of the life of Alexander the Great.

     History purists be warned - Gemmell plays fast and

     loose with Greek history and mythology. Only

     available in trade paperback in the U.S._

     "The Stones of Power" - Ghost King; Last Sword of Power;

     Wolf in Shadow (1st U.S. edition Feb. '97); The Last

     Guardian (1st U.S. edition July '97); Bloodstone (1st

     U.S. edition June, '98)

     Knights of Dark Renown


     "The Hawk Queen" - Ironhand's Daughter; Hawk Eternal (both

     are only out in the U.K.)

     Dark Moon (forthcoming Oct '96 in the U.K.)

     The Winter Warriors (forthcoming April '97 in the U.K.) Mary Gentle (b. 1956)

     "The White Crow sequence" - Rats and Gargoyles; The

     Architecture of Desire

     Grunts! William Goldman (b. 1931)

     The Princess Bride Terry Goodkind

     "The Sword of Truth" - Wizard's First Rule; Stone of Tears;

     Blood of the Fold (forthcoming Oct. '96) Simon Green (b. 1955)

     Blue Moon Rising

     Down Among the Dead Men; Blood and Honor

     "Hawke and Fisher series" - Guard Against Dishonor; Hawke

     and Fisher; The Bones of Haven; Th; Thd Killer; Winner

     Take All; Wolf In the Fold

     Shadows Fall Gayle Greeno

     "The Ghatti's Tale trilogy" - The Ghatti's Tale;

     Mindspeakers' Call; Exiles' Return *Barbara Hambly (b. 1951)

     "Darwath Trilogy" - The Time of the Dark; The Walls of Air;

     The Armies of Daylight


     "Windrose Chronicles" - The Silent Tower; The Silicon Mage;

     Dog Wizard

     Stranger at the Wedding (U.K. title - Sorcerer's Ward)

     "Sun Cross duology" - Rainbow Abyss; The Magicians of Night

     "Sun Wolf/Starhawk" - The Ladies of Madrigyn; The Witches

     of Wenshar; The Dark Hand of Magic

     "James Asher Chronicles" - Those Who Hunt the Night;

     Traveling With the Dead

     Bride of the Rat God

     Mother oer onter (forthcoming Oct. '96) Lyndon Hardy (b. 1941)

     "Magics series" - The Master of Five Magics; The Secret of

     the Sixth Magic; The Riddle of the Seven Realms Deborah Turner Harris (b. 1951)

     "Mages of Garillon series" - The Burning Stone; The

     Gauntlet of Malice; Spiral of Fire

     "Caledon series" - Caledon of the Mists; Queen of Ashes

     Harry Harrison (b. 1925)

     "The Hammer and the Cross" - The Hammer and the Cross; One

     King's Way; King and Emperor (forthcoming July '96) Simon Hawke (b. 1951)

     "Wizard of 4th Street" - Wizard of 4th Street; Wizard of

     Whitechapel; Wizard of Sunset Strip; Wizard of the Rue

     Morgue; Samurai Wizard; Wizard of Santa Fe; Wizard of

     Camelot; Wizard of Lovecraft's Cafe Robin Hobb (b. 1952)

     "The Farseer Trilogy" - Assassin's Apprentice; Royal

     Assassin; Assassin's Quest (forthcoming April '97) P.C. Hodgell (b. 1951)

     "Chronicles of the Kencyrath" - God Stalk; Dark of the

     Moon; Seeker's Mask

     Robert Holdstock (b. 1948)

     "Mythago Wood Cycle" - Mythago Wood; Llavondys; The

     Hollowing; The Bone Forest; Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn


     Ancient Echoes Tom Holt (b. 1961)

     Expecting Someone Taller

     Flying Dutch William Horwood (b. 1944)

     "The Duncton Chronicles" - Duncton Wood; Duncton Quest;

     Duncton Found; Duncton Tales

     "Willows sequels" - The Willows in Winter; Toad Triumphant Robert E. Howard (1906-1936)

     "Conan the Barbarian" - Conan; Conan of Cimmeria; Conan the

     Freebooter; Conan the Wanderer; and so on Tanya Huff (b. 1957)

     "The Novels of Crystal" - Child of the Grove; The Last


     The Fire's Stone

     Sing the Four Quarters; Fifth Quarter; No Quarter Barry Hughart (b. 1934)

     "Master Li and Number Ten Ox series" - The Bridge of Birds;

     The Story of the Stone; Eight Skilled Gentlemen Robert Don Hughes (b. 1949)

     "Pelman the Powershaper" - Prophet of Lamath; The Wizard in

     Waiting; The Power and the Prophet

     "Wizard and Dragon" - The Forging of the Dragon; The

     Faithful Traitor; 1 more yet to come Brian Jacques (b. 1939)

     "Redwall series" - Redwall; Mossflower; Mattimeo; Mariel of

     Redwall; Salamandastron; Martin the Warrior; The

     Bellmaker; The Outcasts of Redwall; The Pearls of

     Woodthorp (forthcoming) Michael Jeffries

     "Loremasters of Elundium trilogy" - The Road to Underfall;

     Palace of Kings; Shadowlight

     The Knights of Cawdor

     "Heirs to Gnarlsmyre" - Glitterspike Hall; Hall of Whispers Diana Wynne Jones (b. 1934)

     "The Dalemark Sequence" - Drowned Ammet; Cart and Cwidder;

     The Spellcoats; The Crown of Dalemark

     "Crestomanci books" - The Lives of Christopher Chant;

     Charmed Life; Witch Week; The Magicians of Caprona

     "The Magician Howl series" - Howl's Moving Castle; Castle

     in the Air

     The Homeward Bounders

     Archer's Goon

     A Sudden Wild Magic

     Time of the Ghost (forthcoming Sept. '96) **Robert Jordan (b. 1948)

     "The Wheel of Time" - The Eye of the World; The Great Hunt;

     The Dragon Reborn; The Shadow Rising; The Fires of

     Heaven; Lord of Chaos; A Crown of Swords; plus at least

     three more

     The Conan Chronicles **Guy Gavriel Kay (b. 1954)

     "The Fionavar Tapestry" - The Summer Tree; The Wandering

     Fire; The Darkest Road


     A Song for Arbonne

     The Lions of Al-Rassan Paul Kearney

     The Way to Babylon

     A Different Kingdom Riding the Unicorn

     "The Monarchies of God" - Hawkwood's Voyage

     Patricia Kenneally-Morrison (b. 1946)

     "Keltiad series" (a.k.a. "The Tale of Aeron") - The Silver

     Branch; The Copper Crown; The Throne of Scone

     "The Tale of Arthur" - The Hawk's Gray Feather; The Oak

     Above the Kings; The Hedge of Mist *Katharine Kerr (b. 1944)

     "Deverry" - Daggerspell; Darkspell; The Bristling Wood

     ('Dawnspell' in the U.K.); The Dragon Revenant

     ('Dragonspell' in the U.K.)

     "The Westland Cycle" - A Time of Exile; A Time of Omens;

     Days of Blood and Fire ('A Time of War' in the U.K.);

     Days of Air and Darkness ('A Time of Justice' in the


     _More about Deverry._

     "??" - The Red Wyvern (forthcoming late '96/early '97); The

     Black Raven (forthcoming); 2 more Stephen King (b. 1946)

     The Eyes of the Dragon

     "Dark Tower series" - The Gunslinger; The Drawing of the

     Three; The Waste Lands; Wizard and Glass (forthcoming

     late '97, maybe) Richard Knaak (b. 1961)

     "The Dragonrealm" - Firedrake; Ice Dragon; Wolfhelm; Shadow

     Steed; The Shrouded Realm; Children of the Drake; Dragon

     Tome; The Crystal Dragon; The Dragon Crown


     King of the Grey

     The Janus Mask

     Dutchman *Katherine Kurtz (b. 1944)

     "Deryni Chronicles" - Deryni Rising; Deryni Checkmate; High


     "Camber of Culdi" - Camber of Culdi; Saint Camber; Camber

     the Heretic

     "The Histories of King Kelson" - The Bishop's Heir; The

     King's Justice; The Quest for Saint Camber

     "Heirs of Saint Camber" - The Harrowing of Gwynedd; King

     Javan's Year; The Bastard Prince

     King Kelson's Bride (forthcoming June, 1997)

     Two Crowns for America Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris (b. 1951)

     "The Adept series" - The Adept; The Lodge of the Lynx; The

     Templar Treasure; Dagger Magic; Death of an Adept

     (forthcoming Dec '96) Ellen Kushner (b. 1955)


     Thomas the Rhymer **Mercedes Lackey (b. 1950)

     "The Last Herald-Mage" - Magic's Pawn; Magic's Promise;

     Magic's Price

     "Vows and Honor" - The Oathbound; Oathbreakers

     "Queen's Own" - Arrows of the Queen; Arrow's Flight;

     Arrow's Fall

     "Mage Winds Trilogy" - Winds of Fate; Winds of Change;

     Winds of Fury

     "Mage Wars Trilogy" (co-authored by Larry Dixon) - The

     Black Gryphon; The White Gryphon; The Silver Gryphon

     "Mage Storm Trilogy" - Storm Warning; Storm Rising; Storm

     Breaking (forthcoming Oct. '96)

     "Diana Tregard Investigations" - Burning Water; Children of

     the Night; Jinx High

     "Bardic Voices" - The Lark and the Wren; The Robin and the

     Kestrel; The Eagle and the Nightingale

     "Bardic Choices" - A Cast of Corbies (co-author Josepha


     The Fire Rose Stephen Lawhead (b. 1950)

     "The Pendragon Cycle" - Taliesin; Merlin; Arthur; Pendragon

     "The Dragon King Trilogy" - In the Hall of the Dragon King;

     The Warlords of Nin; The Sword and the Flame

     "The Paradise War" - The Song of Albion; The Silver Hand;

     The Endless Knot

     Byzantium (forthcoming Sept. '96) *Ursula K. Le Guin (b. 1929)

     "Earthsea" - A Wizard of Earthsea; The Tombs of Atuan; The

     Farthest Shore; Tehanu Fritz Leiber (1910-1992)

     "Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser" - Swords and Deviltry; Swords

     Against Death; Swords in the Mist; Swords Against

     Wizardry; Swords Against Lankhmar; Swords and Ice Magic;

     Knight and Knave of Swords Madeleine L'Engle (b. 1918)

     "The Time Trilogy" - A Wrinkle in Time; A Wind in the Door;

     A Swiftly Tilting Planet *C.S. Lewis (1898-1963)

     "Chronicles of Narnia" - The Magician's Nephew; The Lion,

     the Witch, and the Wardrobe; Prince Caspian; The Voyage

     of the Dawn Treader; The Horse and His Boy; The Silver

     Chair; The Last Battle

     "The Space Trilogy" - Out of the Silent Planet; Perelandra;

     That Hideous Strength Astrid Lindgren (b. 1907)

     Ronia Robber's Daughter

     The Lionheart Brothers

     Mio, My Mio

     Holly Lisle

     "Arhel Novels" - Fire in the Mist; Bones of the Past; Mind

     of Magic

     Minerva Wakes

     Sympathy for the Devil

     Hunting the Corrigan's Blood (forthcoming Feb. '97) Morgan Llywelyn

     Red Branch

     The Horse Goddess

     "The Arcana" (with Michael Scott) - Silverhand;

     Silverlight; others forthcoming Eric Van Lustbader (b. 1946)

     "Sunset Warrior series" - Sunset Warrior; Shallows of

     Night; Dai-San; Beneath an Opal Moon R.A. MacAvoy (b. 1949)

     Tea With the Black Dragon

     "Damiano trilogy" - Damiano; Damiano's Lute; Raphael

     "Lens of the World trilogy" - Lens of the World; King of

     the Dead; Belly of the Wolf *Julian May (b. 1931)

     "The Saga of the Pliocene Exiles" - The Many-Colored Land;

     The Golden Torc; The Nonborn King; The Adversary **Anne McCaffrey (b. 1926)

     "Dragonriders of Pern" - Dragonflight; Dragonquest; The

     White Dragon

     "Harper's Hall trilogy" - Dragonsong; Dragonsinger;

     Dragondrums Dan McGirt (b. 1967)

     "Jason Cosmo" - Jason Cosmo; Royal Chaos; Dirty Work Nancy McKenzie

     "Guinevere duology" - The Child Queen; The High Queen Dennis McKiernan (b. 1932)

     "The Iron Tower Trilogy" - The Dark Tide; Shadows of Doom;

     The Darkest Day

     "Silver Call duology" - Trek to Kraggen-Cor; The Brega Path

     Tales of Mithgar

     The Eye of the Hunter

     Voyage of the Fox Rider

     The Dragonstone (forthcoming Nov. '96) Patricia McKillip (b. 1948)

     The Forgotten Beasts of Eld

     The Throme of the Erril of Sherill

     "The Riddlemaster of Hed" - The Riddlemaster of Hed; Heir

     of Sea and Fire; Harpist in the Wind

     The Changeling Sea

     Something Rich and Strange

     The Book of Atrix Wolfe

     "Cygnet" - Sorceress and Cygnet; Cygnet and Firebird

     Winter Rose Robin McKinley (b. 1952)


     "Damar series" - The Blue Sword; The Hero and the Crown

     The Outlaws of Sherwood


     A Knot in the Grain and Other Stories L.E. Modesitt Jr. (b. 1943)

     "Recluce" - The Magic of Recluce; The Towers of the Sunset;

     The Magic Engineer; The Order War; The Death of Chaos;

     Fall of Angels; The Chaos Balance (forthcoming)

     Of Tangible Ghosts

     The Soprano Sorceress (forthcoming Feb. '97) Elizabeth Moon (b. 1945)

     "The Deed of Paksenarrion" - Sheepfarmer's Daughter;


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