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 Newspaper Reporting Скачать в архиве Скачать
Newspaper Reporting The newspaper printing is a rather unusual activity since each day the newspaper material is prepared anew. Newspaper includes editorial board work the following functions: getting the right news, writing it in the form of an article, selection of the best items for the print, and desplaying the selected copy in the paper. All these tasks are performed by journalists, editors and rewrite men, photographers and makeup editors responsible for the issue of the paper. Thus, the newspaper reporting starts with collecting information for the paper. However, journalism does not stop here. Newspapers and magazines publish a great deal of stories, not only news items or political stories, for example, stories of humourous or some other type. Such essay-type articles may be called human interest stories. Besides, newpapers carry many items on sports, personalities of today as well as stories on science, art and technology.
 Scientific and technological progress Скачать в архиве Скачать
Scientific and technological progress It’s difficult to overestimate the role of science and technology in our life. They accelerate the development of civilization and help us in our co-operation with nature. Scientists investigate the laws of the universe, discover the secrets of nature, and apply their knowledge in practice improving the life of people. Let's compare our life nowadays with the life of people at the beginning of the 20th century. It has changed beyond recognition. Our ancestors hadn't the slightest idea of the trivial things created by the scientific progress that we use in our every day life. I mean refrigerators, TV sets, computers, microwave ovens, radio telephones... They would seem miracles to them that made our life easy, comfortable and pleasant. On the other hand, the great inventions of the beginning of the 20th century, I mean radio, airplanes, combustion and jet engines have become usual things and we can't imagine our life without them.
 Циліндр Скачать в архиве Скачать
Циліндр Виконала учениця 9-В классу Кожушана Даша Кушугумська спеціалізована школа І-ІІІ ступенів “Інтелект” 2008 рік І. Вступ Циліндр — капелюх з шовкового плюшу з невеликими твердими полями — отримав свою назву завдяки геометричній фігурі. Прообразом циліндра був круглий капелюх з високою тульей, що з'явився в чоловічій моді ще в XV столітті і що протрималася до XVIII. Новий головний убір у вигляді «труби» на голові капелюшного торговця Джона Гетерінгтона став для манірних англійців сенсацією. Тодішні газети писали: «Дія капелюха на перехожих була жахливою. Багато жінок побачивши цього дивного предмету позбавлялися відчуття, діти кричали...» А сам Гетерінгтон був арештований і доставлений до лорда-мера, який за порушення громадського порядку засудив його до штрафу в 500 фунтів стерлінгів. Проте, ця прогулянка по лондонській набережній 26 січня 1797 року стала датою народження нового напряму моди.
 Air Pollution in Russia Скачать в архиве Скачать
Air Pollution in Russia The quality of atmospheric air is the most important factor influencing the health, the sanitary and epidemiological situation. Two thirds of population of our Federation live in the territories where the pollution level of atmospheric air does not correspond to the hygienic norms. The density of tests of atmospheric air in Russia with the contents of harmful substances is about 6% of total, so it is in the Altai - 29% and in the Buryatia Republic - 24,6%, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory - almost 22%, in the Ivanovo - 20, the Kemerovo - more than 18%, the Ulyanovsk - 16,5% and in the Kaluga Regions - more than 15%. By the way, the high level of air pollution in these territories was observed in the last years too. Where is the most polluted air? Just there, where we live and spend the most part of our time - in the zone of living building if highways there are.
 Enzymes Скачать в архиве Скачать
Enzymes No living organisms are stable. They are in a continual state of chemical change. All the time that we are alive we are continually dying and being reborn. About three million of our blood cell die while we read a sentence, and at the same time three million more cells are made. The word metabolism is used to signify the chemical changes which take place in living organisms. By using of suitable measuring instruments it is possible to follow the blood cells in the body and to find out how long they live. This work has revealed that the average life of each blood cell is about a fortnight. Even bones are much less stable than we might expect. It is clear that since the living body is in a state of constant change, the chemical changes must be precisely controlled. We now know that each of the many thousands of chemical reactions which take place in a living body is controlled by a particular enzyme.
 The mathematical sciences Скачать в архиве Скачать
The mathematical sciences Rapid growth in the nature and applications of mathematics means that the Newtonian core - calculus, analysis, and differential equations - is now just one part of a more diverse mathematical landscape. Yet most scientists have explored only this original territory, because that is all that was included in their curriculum in high school, college, and graduate school. With the exception of statistics, an old science widely used across all disciplines that has become largely mathematical during the 20th century, the narrow Newtonian legacy of analysis is the principal connection between practicing scientists and broad mathematical foundations of their disciplines. The dramatic changes in the mathematical sciences of the last quarter century are largely invisible to those outside the small community of research mathematicians.
 Andrei Sakharov Скачать в архиве Скачать
Andrei Sakharov Andrei Sakharov, an outstanding scientist and public figure, was born on the 21st of May 1921. He graduated from Moscow University in 1942. In 1947 he defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Science. In 1953 he defended his Doctorate thesis and was elected member of the Academy of Sciences. Sakharov played a decisive role in developing the Soviet hydrogen bomb. While working on the bomb he came to the conclusion that any atomic and nuclear weapons should be banned. He fought courageously for human rights in the former USSR and in 1975 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. His international repute as a scientist kept him out official, but in 1980 he was deprived of all his titles and orders and exiled to the city of Gorky. There he continued to work for peace, justice and human rights. Only in 1985 Sakharov was allowed to come back to Moscow. He was given back all his titles and 3 years later he was elected a deputy of the Supreme Soviet.
 Agatha Christie Скачать в архиве Скачать
Agatha Christie Agatha Christie is known all over the world as the Queen of Crime. She wrote 78 crime novels, 19 plays and 6 romantic novels under the name of Mary Westmacott. Her books have been translated into 103 foreign languages. She is the third best-selling author in the world (after Shakespeare and the Bible). Many of her novels and short stories have been filmed. The Mousetrap, her most famous play, is now the longest-running play in history. Agatha Christie was born at Torquay, Devonshire. She was educated at home and took singing lessons in Paris. She began writing at the end of the First World War. Her, first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, was published in 1920. That was the first appearance of Hercule Poirot, who became one of the most popular private detectives since Sherlock Holmes.
 Abraham Lincoln Скачать в архиве Скачать
Abraham Lincoln Lincoln was one of the most famous presidents of the USA. He was born in the family of a poor farmer in 1809 in Kentucky, but soon his family left for the wild forestland of Indiana. He was taught reading, writing and simple arithmetic, as his family could not afford better education. When he was 18, he went to New Orleans and there he saw a slave market. It made a deep impression on him and he began to hate slavery and he decided to fight against it. In 1830 he went to Springfield and became a clerk in a store. He learned much and greatly improved his knowledge. He entered politics and in 1832 became a candidate for the Parliament of the State. Soon he became a force in political life and in 1860 was elected President of the USA. He was an enemy of slavery. Some of the Southern States left the Union, and the war between the South and the North began. At first the war went badly for the North, but Lincoln never lost his courage and soon they won.
 Geschichte des Euro Скачать в архиве Скачать
Geschichte des Euro. Der Euro (€) ist die Währung der Europäischen Währungsunion (EWWU) und damit gemeinsame offizielle Währung in 21 europäischen Staaten. 15 dieser Staaten gehören der EU an. Neben dem US-Dollar ist der Euro die wichtigste Währung der Welt. Am 1. Januar 1999 wurde der Euro als Buchgeld, drei Jahre später am 1. Januar 2002 erstmals als Bargeld eingeführt. Damit löste der Euro die nationalen Währungen als Zahlungsmittel ab. Der Euro als politisches Projekt Der Ursprung des Euro als einheitliche Währung der EU ist in den Ursprüngen der Europäischen Union sowie in der globalen Wirtschaftsgeschichte zu suchen. Einerseits war die realwirtschaftliche Integration mit der Zollunion 1968 schon weit fortgeschritten, andererseits hatte der Zusammenbruch des Wechselkurssystems von Bretton Woods zu stark schwankenden Wechselkursen geführt, die nach Ansicht der Politik den Handel behinderten.
 Аналіз вокальних методик другої половини ХХ століття: на прикаді методичного досвіду І. Прянішникова, В. Луканіна, В. Самарцева Скачать в архиве Скачать
Аналіз вокальних методик другої половини ХХ століття: на прикаді методичного досвіду І. Прянішникова, В. Луканіна, В. Самарцева Магістерська робота За спеціальністю 8.02207 „Музичне мистецтво” Луганський національний педагогічний університет імені Тараса Шевченка Луганськ 2008 Вступ Розвиток вітчизняної вокальної школи триває вже майже два століття. За цей час виробився свій національний стиль співу, що визначається особливостями національної музики і традиціями виконавської культури. Українські і російські співаки мають у своєму арсеналі велику кількість технічних прийомів володіння голосом, передачі художнього образу, сценічної майстерності. Існує немало праць, вокальних посібників, у яких викладено погляди видатних майстрів вокалу, сумується їх методичний і методологічний досвід. Засновником вітчизняної вокальної школи цілком справедливо вважається М. Глінка.
 Outstanding personalities of Russia Скачать в архиве Скачать
Outstanding personalities of Russia For thousands of years people's mode of life was primitive. In a short period of time a gigantic leap was made by people in science and technology to reach the present state of human development. The world knows the names of many great scientists: chemists, biologists etc. The Russian inventors and scientists made the great contribution to the development of world science. It's almost impossible to name the branch of science in which the Russian inventors haven't played the greatest role. M. Lomonosov was one of the most learnt men in Europe. He was an outstanding inventor both in humanities and sciences. He founded the first Russian University. The Great Russian scientist D. Mendeleev discovered the Periodic Law of Elements. All future discoveries in the field of chemistry and physics have been based on this law. His discovery made it possible to find 38 new chemical elements to fill the empty spaces left in the Periodic table.
 Oscar Wilde Скачать в архиве Скачать
Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin on October 16, I854 His father was a famous Irish surgeon His mother was well known in Dublin as a writer of verse and prose At school, and later at Oxford,, Oscar displayed gift for art and the humanities. While at the university. Wilde became one of the most famous personalities of the day: he wore his hair long, decorated his room with different beautiful things His witty sayings were well known among the students. After graduating from the university. Wilde turned his attention to writing, travelling and lecturing. Oscar Wilde earned the reputation of being the leader of the Aesthetic Movement and an apostle of beauty. His most famous works appeared over the next ten years. The most popular are The Happy Prince and Other Tales, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and his comedies Lady Windermere's Fan, An Ideal Husband, The Importance of Being Earnest. Wilde also wrote poems, essays, reviews, letters.
 Tolerance Скачать в архиве Скачать
Tolerance To write an essay, concerning the major human values is not a simple task. Usually, in this case, there is an option, either to accept author’s point of view or try to challenge it, which is more difficult. This is always more difficult to defend your own belief, than take a point of view of an intelligent person. So, looking through the articles I tried to find some author’s conclusions that were rather controversial. After reading the article, which deals with such value as tolerance, I got rather dual impression. Frankly speaking, I would name this article in the American way «How to be a really tolerant person». On the one hand it’s difficult to disagree that all people are different and we should see them as they are. On the other hand I don’t think that tolerance is achieved by making an effort not to harm a different person.
 Youth organizations in Great Britain Скачать в архиве Скачать
Youth organizations in Great Britain There are about 60 youth organizations in Great Britain. All youth organizations can be divided into three large groups: 1. non-political organizations; 2. youth organizations associated with political parties; 3. youth organizations controlled by religious bodies. The two largest non-political youth organizations are the associations of the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides. There are about 1300000 boys and girls in them. The membership is voluntary. The Scout Association was formed in 1908 by General Baden Powell. His idea was to train boys in mapping, signaling, knotting, first aid and all the skills that would arise from camping and outdoor activities. Most important of all for a Scout was to make a promise that he would do his best to do his duty to. The Boy Scouts had a left-handed handshake, a special badge and the motto “Be Prepared”.
 Literature Скачать в архиве Скачать
Literature Literature is the art of written works. Literally translated, the word means "acquaintance with letters" (from Latin littera letter). In Western culture the most basic written literary types include fiction and non-fiction The word "literature" has different meanings depending on who is using it. It could be applied broadly to mean any symbolic record, encompassing everything from images and sculptures to letters. In a more narrow sense the term could mean only text composed of letters, or other examples of symbolic written language (Egyptian hieroglyphs, for example). An even more narrow interpretation is that text have a physical form, such as on paper or some other portable form, to the exclusion of inscriptions or digital media. The Muslim scholar and philosopher Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (702-765 AD) defined Literature as follows: "Literature is the garment which one puts on what he says or writes so that it may appear more attractive.
 Effects of Divorce On Children and Parents Скачать в архиве Скачать
Effects of Divorce On Children and Parents Records show marriages have been taking place since the earliest recorded history. Evidence of elaborate ceremonies joining couples together are present all over the world. Couples have been joined in a legal contract, for a number of reasons: religious, arraigned marriages, kinship bonds, pool resources, children, and romantic love. When a marriage is successful, there are many benefits for the couple, a shared mutual trust and respect for one another. When the marriage is not working and there is a break down in communication, common goal or trust, many times this will result in a divorce. A divorce can be a painful process, even more so if children are involved. Divorce is often believed to be final when the judge declares the two divorced. It is, in fact, a legal dissolvement of the marriage contract.
 Anton Chekhov Скачать в архиве Скачать
Anton Chekhov Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (January 29 [O.S. January 17] 1860 – July 15 [O.S. July 2] 1904) (Russian: Анто́н Па́влович Че́хов, was a Russian short-story writer and playwright, considered to be one of the greatest short story writers in world literature.[1] His playwriting career produced four classics: The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard; and his best short stories are held in high esteem by writers and critics.[2][3] Chekhov practised as a doctor throughout most of his literary career: "Medicine is my lawful wife," he once said, "and literature is my mistress."[4] Chekhov renounced the theatre after the disastrous reception of The Seagull in 1896; but the play was revived to acclaim by Konstantin Stanislavsky's Moscow Art Theatre, which subsequently also produced Uncle Vanya and premiered Chekhov’s last two plays, Three Sisters and The Cherry Orchard.
 Teenagers Скачать в архиве Скачать
Teenagers The age between 14 and 17 is considered to be one of the best periods in people's life. Grown-ups remind it with excitement and tenderness. But most teens wouldn't agree with this opinion if they were asked. They're sure and that's quite true that they are overwhelmed with different problems. These problems're quite serious and they can't be considered trifles. Teenagers have psycological problems which can be explained by their psycological instability.This is the reason of their strange and sometimes agressive behavior. Their agression can be aimed at their friends, teachers, parents and people around them. If these problems aren't solved and regulated by experienced specialists, psycologists, teachers it can lead to far more serious problems. Drinking and taking drugs have become the most actual problems of the modern society. As for drinking, teenagers don't realize the harm it does to their health.
 Поняття і види співучасті у кримінальному праві Скачать в архиве Скачать
Поняття і види співучасті у кримінальному праві Курсова робота з дисципліни : Кримінальне право Виконала студентка III курсу Групи ПД- 3.3 Кіяніцина О.С. Міжгалузевий інститут управління Київ 2006 Вступ Злочини вчиняються не лише поодинці . Досить часто в одному злочині беруть участь дві або більше осіб, які діють узгоджено і спрямовують свої дії на досягнення єдиного результату. У таких ситуаціях виникає питання про співучасть у злочині . Кримінально - правовий інститут співучасті законодавець визначає у розділі VI “ Співучасть у злочині “ Загальної частини Кримінального кодексу України ( статті 26-31 ). Поняття співучасті у злочині важливе як у теоретичному так і практичному плані . У теоретичному, воно актуальне у зв’язку з тим , що його визначення співвідноситься з реально існуючими видами злочинної діяльності і породжує цілу низку дискусійних питань .
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